Be Careful of Choosing Pilot School

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Being a pilot is the desire of some people due to being a pilot is not an easy thing. Being a pilot also has pride in itself. However, in order to become a pilot, of course, the first step that must be done by entering a pilot school. By entering the pilot schools, then you will get aeronautics. To enter the pilot schools is not easy having to take a test in advance both medical and academic tests. Pilot schools can be one way to realize the aspiration to become a pilot. Vice versa pilot schools can make you fail to become a pilot. For those of you who have aspirations to be a pilot, then you must carefully choose the school, if you do not want to experience these 3 things.

School closed

If you are not careful in selecting pilot schools, then this can make you lose because it could have been selected schools closed. This can happen if you choose a new school stands. There is a newly established pilot schools one year and for next year the pilot schools were closed. Well, if this happens, then you will lose money because they have to look for a new school. Additionally, you must set up fee from the start and have to start over. Therefore, if you want to choose a pilot school, then you should look for schools that have been long standing. At least your chosen school has been established for 3 years. Bali International Flight Academy (BIFA) is a school where you can choose to minimize the occurrence of closed schools. BIFA is a school that has stood approximately 6 years.

Neglected because of lack of facilities

School facilities is a crucial means to be considered by the school. Moreover, schools that require students to practice. School is one of the pilot schools that require students to practice. This is because as a student pilot, theory alone is not enough because as someone who graduated from pilot school, of course, wants to become a pilot. Well, the pilot must be able to fly the plane properly because this profession has a big responsibility concerning the lives of many people. In addition, the lack of facilities can make you pass is not timely. If you do not want displaced because they lack adequate facilities at the school of your choice, then you should look for schools that provide adequate facilities so as not to make you stranded. Aircraft and airports exercise are two important things to note when the select pilot schools.

Stop due to cost

Sign pilot school is not an easy thing apart must follow various tests and must pass rigorous tests. To be able to go to school pilot should provide considerable cost. Cost to attend school for pilots could reach approximately 600 million. For those of you who want to go to school pilot, then you should consider the issue of cost. Not all schools offer the pilot a heavy price. If you are not careful in selecting pilot schools, then you can just quit school because of the cost. Therefore, if you do not want to experience it, then you have to choose the school that is in accordance with the financial situation. You can enter the subsidized schools; because schools are subsidized pilot will be cheaper than the other pilot schools.

For those of you who want to find a pilot school, then you should be more careful if things above do not want to happen. The information is important to you find the qualified pilot school.

Pilot School Should Prepare These before Doing Training

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Pilot school is one of the many schools of choice. Many people who are interested in learning the pilot school for a shorter duration. In addition, the pilot schools have a moment of pride for the students who have the desire to fly a plane. If entering another school, certainly will not get training to fly a plane other than the pilot schools. Pilot school is a school that prepares graduates to be able to join in the airline becoming a professional pilot. In order to pass the student professional pilots, of course, necessary preparation and practice. Well, to exercise himself at least a school must prepare everything during a workout. As is to be prepared:


Which must be drawn first of all by the pilot schools is currently establishing a pilot training in India then it must provide the aircraft. The school must provide adequate training aircraft to be used. If improperly used, it can create difficulties in training students. To that end, existing aircraft must be maintained and cared for. Consider also the number of training aircraft for the aircraft not to inadequate training. If the number of aircraft to be inadequate, it may cause the exercise is not running optimally. In addition, it can lead to students late to finish which was only 18 months could be 2 years. To that end, the school must provide at least one aircraft is used by 5 students, so you need to know how many students they have.


In addition to the aircraft, the school also must prepare the airport. Service is very important to prepare during a workout. To make the exercise run smoothly and knowledge gained by the students effectively, the school’s good practice to have its own airport. Make sure the airport is also an exercise in good condition of the runway where the flight. Please note by you all, which can cause both schools pilot school students in the country and abroad do not graduate on time can be caused by problems with the airport. Therefore, in order to pass the student pilot were professional and timely manner, then the school must provide the airport during a training exercise. This is because if you join an airline, then the airline will be more concerned with commercial aircraft against aircraft training.


Instructor as a teacher for the students to be able to fly the plane properly. Therefore, the school should recruit professional instructors so useful knowledge provided to students. Its good exercise instructor alone in one plane has 2 instructors for the better. If you want to do an exercise, then you must know how much the number of participants. If the number of participants much, then you should prepare adequate instructors in order to better the learning process.


Equally important to be prepared during a workout is a student. Why? Because students are people who have to be trained properly so that the exercise did not go in vain. To that end, the school should know the physical condition of the students. If the physical condition of students is not conducive to exercise and forced, of course exercises are held will not be maximized. Perform medical tests beforehand to ascertain the circumstances of students. You have to consider also the problem of the number of students when training. It means you have to train one by one in order to get more leverage.

Those are some things that must be prepared by the school when the pilot training. Additionally, for those who want to become a professional pilot, then you should have a flight license first. Here are basic licenses for pilot who must be owned by you later.

Secrets to Be a Professional Airline Pilot

airline pilotWorking in a big airline, is it possible? Well, you ought to believe that nothing is impossible in the world as long as you believe and work hard on it. People who dream to fly should try first before giving up. How can you know that you will be a pilot or not if you don’t even try? You probably feel insecure because many people experience failure. There are a numbers of pilots who can’t be a pilot in airline. Even worse, they do not complete their training & education in program in the flight school. If it’s the case, perhaps there are particular problems occur. The problems can come from cadets’ ability, finance, and so forth.

To be a professional airline pilot requires an optimal effort. However, it will be useless if you just go with the flow by using all of your time, energy, and money to struggle for what you want without knowing the secrets. See three steps in the following:

Study in the best pilot school

Some people assume that they can be pilots from any flying school available. It is not good to think like that since pilot schools do not guarantee all of their students to be successful. In some cases, flight school even becomes an obstacle for someone to make his dream come true. How can? Maybe the pilot school lacks of aircraft, has poor training facility, has too few instructors, and so on.

Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a pilot school. Make sure you study in the best one whether it is abroad or local. To find a good pilot school, go get recommendations from review, friends, or family. Know deeper about its training duration, tuition fee, facility, and instructors’ background.

Practice and prepare well for the test

Choosing the most outstanding pilot school is not enough without the effort from the person individually. It’s hard for someoene to succeed by depending on the school without the struggle. During the flight program, you need focus on all materials give and study hard to comprehend what’s being delivered by your instructors. There comes the time when you start your flight hour. Indeed, you as the cadet ought to prepare well for this. It’s the moment for applying what you have learned so far.

If you want to become an airline pilot, you ought to pass the test. Preparation is the success key for it. To be a part of airline, you are going to deal with flight test. Bear in mind that written test is not enought. Just like applying for a job, the candidates have to pass the interview test as well.

Get endorsement for foreign pilot school

Do you want to apply in a foreign airline? Or you were from foreign pilot school who wants to pursue a career in your hometown? You need endorsement for this for sure. It is such a license to apply for being a pilot.  Generally you have to take additional programs to get endorsement. Then you will be tested again to qualify the requirements to be an airline pilot in the country.

What Should Pilots Do when Having Free Time?

pilot 6Pilots have huge responsibility because they have to fly plane and bring many people and valuable things. If plane gets any problems which make it get crashed and go down, pilots will be responsibility for the accident. The worst part is if pilots die, this will make world aviation sad. This is also felt by pilots’ family and victims’ family. That is why pilots often feel depressed because of having huge responsibility. Btw, if you are a new pilot who does not want to deal with depressed or stressed, you should follow what most pilots do when having free time below:

Gather with family

Gathering with family is one of the ways to release stress and get comfort. Therefore, after doing your jobs, go home and gather with mom, dad, lovely sweathear, and kids. Chat with them and tell about your feeling and problem if you have. They will give suggestions and entertain you so you will be free from depressed and stressed. What if you live alone? No need to worry because in this internet era, you can communicate via cellular or video call and chat with your family anywhere. You can share your experience and happiness with them. Communicating with beloved ones is easy now.

Play with kids

If you are married and have kids, play with them when having free time. You will feel happy when looking their smile and laugh. Invite them to play video games, hide and seek, basketball, soccer, and so on. If your childrens are sad or bad mood, entertain them and do fun things together so you can make them happy. Anyway, what if you have enough time to be alone? If this happens because you are bad mood or sad, take enough time to be alone and tell your spouse that you don’t want to be distrurbed. Nevertheless, don’t be sad for a long time, you must move on because you have family and life that continue going on. If you succeed to move on, play with your kids and have fun.

Hang out together beloved ones

Sometimes, spending most of time only at home makes people deal with boredom. How about you? If you deal with the same problem, use your free time to hang out together with your beloved ones. You can invite your family to have dinner at restaurant or watch movies in the cinema. If you live in different city from your family, invite your colleagues or friends to hangout together. Visit bar, pub, department store, or tourist place and have fun together with them. Remember not to waste money! You sould manage and cut down your expenses for your future.

Other things you can do when having free time are taking enough rest, going to gym, and watching favorite movies. These are important and useful to make you get in the mood and maintain your body’s health. Also make sure that you don’t consume alcohol or use drugs to release your stress because those activities will only make you deal with serious healh disorders at last.

Criteria to Find a Good Pilot School

To become a pilot, must be graduated from pilot school in advance. Schools have an important role in order to make the students graduate with both. Which means not to a student who has passed does not have a better job. In order to realize the desire to become a pilot, then the first step should seek first pilot school. There are many pilot schools to choose for those who want to enter the pilot school. However, not all schools provide what is cool by you because there is also a pilot school which is still lacking adequate facilities. For those of you who want to find a qualified pilot school, here are some criteria to search for the pilot schools.

Having a qualified instructor


The first criterion when you want to find a qualified pilot school is to choose a school that has qualified instructors. If the school has had a qualified instructor, then this can make you as students added the spirit of learning. Moreover, the presence of qualified instructor’s knowledge provided will be better. Make sure that the school you choose has qualified instructors. In addition to quality, find out also the number of instructors available. If the number of instructors is not in accordance with the number of students, then this could hinder the training process and also makes the learning process less good. The number of instructors shall be in accordance with the number of students. At least for two instructors holding 5 students to be better during the process of learning and training.

Have an adequate number of aircraft


Pilot school is a school that moves in the world of aviation. Given science is certainly not just a mere theory, but also practice. As for the practice to be performed by the pilot school is the practice to fly the aircraft. Well, to make the exercise can run well, must be supported by an adequate number of aircraft. For those of you who want to find a pilot school, then you have to search for the pilot schools that already have adequate number of aircraft. Given the number of aircraft adapted to the number of students, then this can make a better flight training. For a number of aircraft should schools provide one aircraft to 5 students? By having an adequate number of aircraft, it makes the exercise went well and makes you quickly completed.

The airport has its own flight


Equally important to find a qualified pilot school is concerned about the airport. Airport into one of the facilities that must be met by the school. If the school does not have its own airport, of course, the school will use the airports of other people, which mean that if a time when that coincides to perform the same exercise with the people who will be using the airport, then this can make delayed flight training. To make the training process to run smoothly, it is better to choose a pilot school that has its own aviation airport. In Indonesia there are two pilot schools which have their own training airport for students, namely, BIFA and Dirgantara.


Criteria for this one is no less important than other criteria, namely the problem of school reputation. Choose a pilot school that has a good reputation. With the pilot school you choose has a good reputation, then it can support your school well. Select is also a pilot school that has been long standing. This is because the new school stand 1 or 2 years, could make a school out of business so that you own that will be a loss.

For those of you who intend to enter the pilot schools, hopefully the above article can be a reference to locate a qualified pilot schools.